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LAN/Internet Based Data Acquisition and Device Controlling System

Voice Controlled ROBOT.

Voice Controlled Sceurity System For Home

Home Automation with ANDROID Smartphone

ROBOT Controlling using ANDROID Smartphone

EMBEDDED WEB Server for Data Acquisition and Device Controlling

GUI Based Remote POWER Distribution System

Vehicle Tracking with Accident Detection and Anti theft System

Multy Functional Device with Wireless Water Level Monitoring and Consumtion Analysis System(PC - GUI Based)

Remote controled System for Home Applications and Appliances with Addressable and Extendable Units (Single Remote for Multiple Rooms)

Line Following ROBOT (ATmega16)

Line Following ROBOT (PIC16F877A)

Line Following ROBOT (AT89C51/AT89S52/AT89C2051/AT89S2051)

Robot control using PC interface.

Remote monitoring And Alarm on PC Using Radio Communication.

Remote controlled Land Rover

Obstacle avoiding Robot

Remote Control Vehicle with Data acquisition System

Optimized Solar tracking System

Wireless Camera Position System